Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1.  Write  a story  ending  with :
‘’..........We said our goodbyes and went  our separate ways.’’
2.  Write a story ending with :
‘’.........Now  i  realise the value of a true friend.’’
3.  Write a story ending with :
‘’If only  i had been more careful, that would not have happened.’’
4.  Write a story with the title :  An unexpected visitor.
5.  Write a story about a narrow escape.
6.  Write a story beginning with  ‘’ Suddenly the lights went off and i...............’’
7.  Write a story entitled ‘’The Stranger’’.
8.  Write a story ending with..........’’It was the happiest moment of my life’’.
9.  Narrate an incident to illustrate ‘ A friend indeed is a friend in need.’’
10.  Write a story starting with :
‘’She glared at me and walked away............’’
11.  Write a story with the title :  The Perfect Friend’’.
12.  Write a story ending with :
‘’ I was speechless and touched as it was the most wonderful gift i ever had.’’
13.  Write a story about an unexpected journey.
14.  Write a story ending with : ‘ From  that day onwords, i never wanted to see him again.’
15.   Write a story ending with : ‘ From  that day onwords, i promised to be moderate in whatever i did.’
16.  Write a story beginning  with :   ’’ i  could see that the man was very unhappy....’’
17.  Write a story beginning with the line : ‘’It seemed like it was going to be another one of those days  when  nothing  much happens.’’
18.  Write  a  story that ends with these lines :  ‘’please believe me.  I never meant to hurt you,’’ he cried.
19.  Write a story based on ( beginning with)  this line : By evening,  she was running a high fever.....’’      
20.  ‘’The rain kept pouring and there was loud clap of thunder in the sky.’’  Begin a story with this sentence.
21.  ‘’The audience stood and clapped loudly.’’  End your story with this sentence.
22.  Write a story on ‘’United we stand, divided we fall.’’


  1. Can you show me a example to write this essay?
    Write a story ending with :
    ‘’ I was speechless and touched as it was the most wonderful gift i ever had.’’

  2. I really need your help...
    I hope you can help me if you can...

  3. thanx for following my blog...ok you take one big event that you want to write in your essay...let say you went on a fishing trip at a river somewhere and suddenly while you were fishing you saw a man drowned in the water, struggling for help...with all your might you tried to help him, finally you succeeded assisting him to reach ashore. The man was very grateful to you. a week after that when you came back from school you saw a new motorbike parked very firm at you wondered where it came from and who owned the bike. ....then when you got into your house the man that you saved were talking to your parents.. and the bike was a gift form him....knowing that the bike was meant for you, you were at seventh heaven( very happy).Then, you darted to veranda and you were speechless................

  4. can u help me to writing about second chance..
    please i need your help