Saturday, July 23, 2011


My Dearly loved Mother
Death will ultimately pounce on all of us, sooner or later, unannounced. Who are we to dictate the cycle of life ? No one !
Fourth September Friday 11.15 pm 2010, the unforgettable day on which my dearly loved mother was gone to meet her Creator. The poignant episode is always neatly fold in the back of my mind. Everything came crushing down on my weak, dead beat , lifeless body as i witnessed her last breath-in and breath-out and very slowy her soul embarked to the place of the period from death to judgemant day. Losing someone you love is the thing you dont’t want to endure but i accept the fate written for my mother.
She was in a great suffering for 6 months before her death. She was almost bed ridden but she braved herself to get up and walked outside of her room to pep out her frail body. A - laze portable chair that ‘s what we call was where she would lie her feeble body on whenever she was in the living room. The chair was placed next to the sliding door and the breeze moved into the living room livened her up. We used to have a chat in the living and it ended when she asked to take her leave to her room.
Sick people always need someone to be at their side so did my mother. She would never bear to lose me and my sister from her sight. Her cellphone was her option whenever she was alone. When i was at work she kept on calling me. Always i welled up in tears for i could not be able to be at her side 24 hours a day. I should have been with her around the clock especially when she was eminently in pain. A zillion thanks to my sister for taking a month leave only to look after my mother. She has sacrificed a lot. Thanks sis !
It ‘s true what people say that ‘ do it now for time will not repeat’. I thought i always procastinated good deeds that i should do to her. I should not have said’ later’ to the job of brushing her teeth, massaging her back and legs, and cleaning her feet’s nails. I was immensely discontented to myself upon the delays. The guilts come and haunt me at times when i flash on the memories of her. I wish i could turn back time.......
Her sacrifices, compassion and affection are beyond words to describe. But, at least, i was relieved for i was able to voice her out 3 words ‘i love you’ when she was still alive and that made me more accountable to serve her up until the end of her breath.
Remembering her is a teary moment but the tears make me even stronger and determined to ‘contribute’ to her more. And my mother, she will always be my hero and no one will ever take her place. I love her more than she would have ever known from the underneath of my pure heart. Thanks to her for all the things that she had done. I am not be able to recipcrocate all her sacrifices...but what i can say is zillion thanks and i miss her always.
May Allah bless her soul and keep her safe within HIS care among all the righteous souls. Amin.


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