Sunday, October 2, 2011

writing from my life experience

20th of April 2010
Our country is heading towards a great transformation in all sectors. The root of a country ‘s development definitely lied in education. Educational sector is a platform where all the stability of our environment , political scenario and social development spurred. And who are the generators behind all the developments ? They are physically, mentally, and emotionally strong human capital. But actually it’s their mind determines their great behaviour, and doings. They have a great thinking. We need to think to lead a succesful and meaningful life. Put on your thinking cap and start to think for a more cherish life. Nevertheless, from my observation there are some people who dislike to think. Let me take a specific sample, students. There are many students who do not like to think. They are so sluggish to think!
Some of students want anything happened in -a –blink- of an- eye as in the whim Superman series. Superman will emerge right under your nose before your burst your second scream. There must be reasons behind this drawback. The blur anticipation of their future is probably the reason of why these people withdraw themselves from thinking. Why does this happen? They are strawberry generation who are seldom exposed to great hardship in life.......everything is depended on their parents until they do not know to find a way out. When they are in comfort zone everything is like a bed of roses for them.
For these kind of people everything must be mentally reset. Otherwise things will never go straight for them but it will go astray. They must train their mind to think , to imagine and to put themselves in others’ hardship then they know how to work hard. From this aspect we can see that thinking is the road to struggle....otherwise they will never struggle to be in good position for they seldom think !
Thinking gives a big impact to our life. ......guys please continue my writing.......i am running out of ideas

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