Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Write a story ending with '' i was not the same after the incident''

            During the last school holiday of 2000, my friend Abu and I went to the Cyber Cafe to play some internet games and to watch videos from Youtube.  After playing for quite a while, my friend asked me to see one of the videos, he said that it was a good one.  Without wasting any time I rushed to his computer to see the video about, it was an illegal video on how to make home made black powder.  After watching the whole video Abu and I had the same idea in our mind, we decided to make our own black powder so that we could blow-up everything in the neighbourhood.
            The next day, we started to purchase the ingredients that we had listed from the illegal video.  We had all of the ingredients except one,KNO3 or otherwise known as potassium nitrate.  We went to all of the shops in town to find KNO3, fortunately we managed to find it in a gardening shop located two miles away from Abu’s home.  At noon, after we had all of the ingredients, we began to build our own laboratory because my mother said not to bring dirt into the house.  Abu and I found two refrigerator’s boxes in the junkyard.  We brought the boxes to my backyard and we combined the two boxes to make a spacious laboratory perfect for our magnificient exsperiment.  After punching some holes to  ‘the lab’ for ventilation, we brought in the materials needed to make the black powder.
            So we started to mix all of the materials together according to their ratios such as 15 parts of sulphur, 30 parts of charchoal and 55 parts of potassium nitrate.  After mixing all of the materials together, we were left with a chuncky and not so fine powder.  If the black powder is not fine enough, it will only burns slowly and it would not create an explosion.  So, we put the powder into the blender and grinded the powder so it will be a fine powder.  After that, we filled the black powder in a small barrel for save storrage.  Abu asked me to get old newspapers from my house to wrap the barrel, so I quickly ran to get it.
            Suddenly, I heard a big explosion, the explosion was so large that it shattered all of the windows in my house.  All of the houses that were in one mile radius from the blast were badly damaged.  A few moments later, I was up on my feed, I felt a little dizzy, at the same time my eyes were blury and my ears were deaf.  I then quickly ran outside through the back door to check on Abu.  As I just stepped out of the door, I was shocked to see that our box laboratory was discentergrated due to the massive explosion.  I tried to find him but with blury vision it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then I called out for him, after a few shouts I heard a faint coughing.  I rushed to find the source of the coughing, as I was crawling on the ground.
            Finally, I found him under the debris of the boxes.  He was covered with blood and both of his arms were gone.  I held him on my lap and said to him that ‘’it’s going to be alright just hold on’’.  I yielded for help a few time as tears were flowing through my face.  As he was dying, I tried to talk to him but my words just stuck at my throat.  I just hold him tightly hoping that he would hang on until helps arrived.  Without me noticing the paramedics had already arrived, they put Abu on streacher and brought both of us to hospital.  At that time I can’t barely remember what happened because I passed out.
            The next day when I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital bed.  The doctor said that I would do fine.  I tried to ask the doctor about Abu but the doctor just ignored me and told me to rest.  Later, I then found out that Abu didn’t make it, he died due to the lost of blood and severe head trauma.  Abu was dead because of our own undoing.
            I had made a decision that had killed my best friend.  I know that I would never escape from the guild of killing my own friend.  I had made a full recovery from the incident but my does not.  Now, when I heard a “bang” I could recall the incident liked it happened yesterday.  For what its worth, Abu was a really good friend.  I was never rhe same after that horrible incident.

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