Saturday, April 23, 2011

Write your essay ending with.....''i raise my hands to the sky and thank God

Life is full of surprises.  This is what I think about my life.  Who will ever guess, because of an incident, my biggest enemy  become my bestfriend now.  The incident happened sometime in January last year and I will never forger the day forever.
            It was raining in the evening.  I had finished my homework and I was bored to death.  So, I phoned my friends, Aziz and Ali.  They had been foolish enough that they said that they were going to fish at a river nearby our neighbourhood.  They thought that fishing in a rainy day was exciting.  For the first time, I thought the idea was ridiculous but because I didn’t have anything to do, I asked them if I could come along and they said yes.
            It was drizzling when we arrived.  I thought that it would be just three of us but Aziz told me a friend of him wanted to join us.  Guess what, the person was Fikri, my ultimate enemy for entire life.  We had been fighting for a long time because of some stupid reasons but the truth was, who could stand his la-di-da behaviour? At that time, wreaking havoc was not in our plan so we started to search for suitable spots for fishing.
            We fished at different places but my spot and Fikri’s spot were not far from each other and I could see him clearly.  I was determined to get a big fish so I could show off in front of him and let him know the true champion.  Unfortunately, he seemed like he had caught a fish.  Suddenly, he slipped and fell into the river.  Quickly, I called my best friend and we rushed towards him.  At the river bank, we could see Fikri was struggling, raising his hands to the sky craving for help.  Aziz and Ali bolted to the phonebooth at the roadside to call fire brigade.  Actually, Iwas  a great swimmer but in that condition, I din’t think I could do it.  Moreover, Fikri was my enemy and saving him was a weird thing to do.
            Suddenly, I heard Fikri shouted my name, calling for help and I felt like someone had slapped me.  What was I thinking? Fikri’s life was in danger and it was my duty to save him.  Without wasting anytime, I jumped into the water and brawl to reach him.  Finally, I grabbed him into my arm and dragged him ashore.   Luckily, the firemen came at the right  time and they sent Fikri to  hospital.  Fikri’s parent came to the scene and thanked me for my brave action.  I felt a little bit of confused but surely, I was proud of myself because on that day, I had saved a life.
            After a few days, I went to visit Fikri with my friends.  I had expected Fikri to treat me like a stranger and I would go home early and we would start fishing back after that.  But unexpectedly, when Fikri saw me, he hugged me and thanked me for saving his life.  He also said sorry and told me that he wanted to be my friend.  The  time had came for us to stop the useless skirmish.  On that day, we both promised   to get along with each other  and   opened a new chapter in our relationship and tried to know each other in a new perspective.   As i was walking home,  i had no doubt to  raise my hands to the sky  and  thank God.

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