Thursday, April 7, 2011

Write a story ending with ''if only i had been more careful, that would not have happened.

Write a story ending with
“If only I had been more careful, that would not have happened”.

            I looked up.  The sun had been dimmed by the white clouds.  The blue sky made me stay calm.  The day was so beautiful as the birds chirped as they flew away.  Here I was in front of my beloved’s grave.  The one that I love so much.  She would have been alive now if it was not for that tragedy.  She would have been joking with me now if that did not happen.  Tears began rolling down my cheek.  The painful nostalgia began once more.
            It was a nice day on December 26th last year.  The atmosphere  was so peace and calm.  I was on my bed listening to the radio.  I enjoyed listening to Maher Zein’s song.  Out of blue, my mobile phone was ringing.  It was Tasya.  “Hello dear.  What’s up.  Anything?’’.  “Hey.  Let’s go for a picnic at Pantai Seri Bayu.  It has been so long we did not spend time together right?”.asked Tasya.  “Oh.  That was a great idea.  Okay, see you this evening.  Bye”.  “Okey.  Bye”, replied Tasya.  After the conversation, I asked my parents’ permission.  They  allowed me to go.  I went to the kitchen and made some sandwiches for the picnic.
            On the evening, she picked me up in her car.  The journey took about one hour.  When we reached there, we saw a couple of family were enjoying their moment.  The ambience was so relaxed.  We picked our things from the car’s boot.  Then, we fantom for a spot to lay the mat.  Finally, we found a suitable spot which was under a big shady tree.  After we had laid our mat, we enjoyed our meal.  We enjoyed the scenery as we also could relax our mind too.  We saw the kids happily playing by the seashore.  They were giggling and shouting at each other.  It had been so long I had not been here.
            “Hey Nana.  Lets us play in the water like the kids.  We can swim and collect starfishes.  Come, lets go!”,said Tasya.  I did not know why she was extremely excited about playing in water.  We took few minutes to change the clothes.  Then, we went to the seashore.  The water was so cold and clear as clear as crystal.  We played in the water happily just like a child.  The day was the happiest day in my life because I could spend my whole day with my bosom friends.  All of sudden, the rain came down.  Tasya told me that she wanted to look for the shelter but I refused.  I still wanted to play in water.  Tasya went to shady tree but I was still in the water.
I still played in the water until the wave came and hit me roughly.  I was drawn.  As loud as a thunder, I cried for help.  “Help me. Help me anyone”.  As fast as lighting Tasya ran towards me.  She tried to help me.  Once again, the wave came and hit us.  Then I saw Tasya dissappeared.  Immediately, I swam towards seashore.  I ran for help.  I went to the police station.  They then were searched for Tasya’s body.  After a few hours, the police still could not locate her.  I welled up in the tears. I blamed myself.  Because of my big-headed this thing happened.
After an hours, policemen found a body floating about 30 metres from our picnic location.  Tasya’s family and me went near the body to have a look.  How shocking!  It was Tasya’s body.  I was really sad and began to blame myself.  My heart broke as I lost my bosom.  I hated myself so much as she died because she tried to help me.  The memory was bitter.  People blamed me for her death.  I knew it was my fault.  I could do nothing to change it how.  If only  I had been more careful, that would not have happened.
            Prepared by : Nur Diyana Kamaruzaman, 5ST1, 2011 SMKTUMPAT

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  1. Its best not to write a story with death , that's what my teacher told me