Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last Wednesday  6th of April  2011  my colleagues and i took part in  Teachers Parliamentary Debate.  Not even one English teacher from other schools in the Tumpat District showed up to the first meeting except the teachers from SMK Tumpat.  Well, because of that , we had no choice but made ourselves available for the debate.  Actually our partaking was meant to represent our PPD that of at least they would not go empty handed to the inaugural of competition and  most importantly, we wanted to give support to our PPD.
            Later, we rolled up our sleeve  and started  to search for facts and arguments.  In fact,  the topic for  the first  round  was quite easy but what bothered us was a side which we would be in.  When we were at the competition venue we raised our hands to the sky hoping that we were on the goverment team.  But  luck was really  on our side.  We were on the government team after Dina, my colleague drew lots the position.  Thanks to Dina for pulling out and i was sure she did  it with the name of Allah The most  gracious and  The most merciful.
            Dina  and Atiyah gave a great kicking –off.  When it came to my turn, i ran cold  and i could feel my adrenalin worked very promptly  and the blood pumped to my head even quicker,  enough to  send black-out to my screen of memory.  It was a nerve-wrecking circumstance  i would say!  But, i was grateful for i had  my script  lay before me, otherwise, i would have stayed  panic-sticken for the rest of the debate.  ‘Practise makes perfect’ and yes the saying speaks well.
            Anyway, things went up superb for our third speaker, our senoir and very experienced debator Mr Eng Tat Choong.  The rebuttal speech  that he performed came out like bullets lashing  the enemies blown into pieces.  He was able to bombard without a slightest stutter.  He is  a gift of the gab : a person who can speak so well  and able to draw others’attention with his words.
            Not everybody is born with a great ability like Mr Eng Tat Choong has. However, the speaking skill can be polished if one has a heart to do it.  Firstly, we must turn into a very courageous person to speak in public.  If  you do not have the nerve you will never be a good and influential speaker.  It is undeniable that almost  everbody  is nervy to speak in public. Therefore, when you are  assigned to speak in public you must assume that your audience is just like you, zero courage, panic, and less knowledgeable and above all  they  crave to hear something from you.  Next, you must be knowledgeable, means you have to read a lot.   Break the sluggishness that is long  rooted within yourselves by staying closest to reading habit.  Don’t ever say no to reading for it is a key to success, how do you go across the river when there is no brigde lays before you ?
            Don’t say no to  public speaking, go for it.  Polish your speaking skill.


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